KX-NCS3508 8 IP Phone Lic-NCP
KX-NCS3716 16 SIP License For NCP
KX-NCS4104 4 IP Trunks Lic-TDE
KX-NCS4201 1 IP SOFT License for TDE
KX-NCS4508 8 IP Phone Lic- TDE xxx
KX-NCS4716 16 SIP License For TDE
KX-NSA210 CA Pro Lic for NS1000/500
KX-NSA301 CA supervisor Lic for NS1000/500
KX-NSA401 CA console Lic for NS1000/500
KX-NSE105 5 User Mobility License for NS1000/500
KX-NSE201 8ch License for NS0154 ( 1 Base)
KX-NSF101 CTI 3rd Party Lic for NS1000/500
KX-NSF201 ACD reports & queue Lic for NS1000/500
KX-NSXF021 Queue Announcement AK
KX-NSXF022 ACD reports Only
KX-NSXF023 Enhanced ACD reports-Requiste KX-NSX022
KX-NSXF202 Call billing License
KX-NSM005 50 IP capacity for NS1000
KX-NSM010 100 IP capacity for NS1000
KX-NSX910 51-100 IP Phone Capacity Activation Key.
KX-NSX930 101-300 IP Phone Capacity Activation Key-NS1000
KX-NSM030 300 IP capacity for NS1000 only
KX-NSM099 640 IP capacity License for NS1000 only
KX-NSM104 4 IP Trunks Lic- NS
KX-NSM108 8 IP trunks Lic -NS
KX-NSM116 16 IP trunks Lic -NS
KX-NSM201 1 Soft Phone Lic for NS
KX-NSM205 5 Soft Phone Lic for NS
KX-NSM501 1 IP licenses for NT, UT,HDV Phones
KX-NSM505 5 IP licenses for NT, UT,HDV Phones
KX-NSM510 10 IP licenses for NT,UT,HDV Phones
KX-NSM520 20 IP licenses for NT,UT,HDV Phones
KX-UCMA001W 1 Panasonic Mobile License
KX-UCMA005W 5 Panasonic Mobile License
KX-UCMA010W 10 Panasonic Mobile License
KX-NSM701W 1 Sip License for 3rd Party Sip Phones
KX-NSM705W 5 SIP licenses for 3rd Party SIP phones
KX-NSM710W 10 SIP licenses for 3rd Party SIP phones
KX-NSM720W 20 SIP licenses for 3rd Party SIP phones
KX-NSN001W One look License for All NS
KX-NSS101W Remote maintenance
KX-NSU001W 15 hours VM license For NS1000 only
KX-NSU002W System Recording for NS1000/500
KX-NSU003W Automatic Back up for NS1000/500
KX-NSU104W 4CH UM port for NS1000/500


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