Which security camera features are important in Kenya?

If you plan to have your system professionally monitored, you’ll also want to research which home security companies support the features you want most. There are many features to consider when selecting a home security camera. When it comes to safety and customizing your system, start by considering these features:

  • Live, remote monitoring: Easily check in on your home using your security system’s mobile app or a web browser.
  • Activity alerts: Receive real-time alerts via email, text, push notification, or phone call if your security camera picks up any suspicious activity.
  • Cloud storage: Security footage is stored in the cloud, making it tamper-proof and easy to access and share.
  • Panning and zooming capabilities: Most cameras allow users to pan, tilt, and zoom through the security system’s app or web browser.
  • Two-way voice communication: Use your security device’s built in speaker and microphone to hear what’s going on in your home and communicate with whoever is there.
  • Multichannel recording: Monitor multiple rooms in your home using a multichannel security system.
  • Tamper alerts: The security camera sends an alert when someone interferes with it.
  • Night vision: Record at night using cameras equipped with infrared technology.

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